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Trudeau T.K.O’s Scheer In Debate

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Last night, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau underscored the choice Canadians have to make on October 21: keep moving forward with the progress achieved over the past four years or go back to the politics of the Harper years. And the responses keep coming in.

“In the general opinion of the analysts this morning, if there is a winner, it is Justin Trudeau… Just the fact that he came out without a scratch is an advantage to him” – Jean-François Guérin, Québec Matin, 3 Oct 2019

“Scheer Stumbles on Abortion” – TVA News, 2 Oct 2019

“Justin Trudeau has been particularly incisive, interrupting his opponent repeatedly on the board. “You hide from every answer,” criticized the Liberal leader. – Mélanie Marquis, Fanny Lévesque, La Presse, Oct 3, 2019

“The Liberal leader was inspired by his favourite sport, hitting back and forth, especially on his two main opponents, Andrew Scheer and Yves-François Blanchet.” – Antoine Robitaille, Journal de Québec, Oct 3, 2019

“[Trudeau] really doesn’t get off easy. He made his bet tonight very clearly.” – Emmanuelle Latraverse, LCN, Oct 2, 2019

“In the first four-way exchange, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau jumped at the opportunity to hound Mr. Scheer on this sensitive issue for the Conservative.” – Émilie Bergeron, MSQ, Oct 2, 2019

“Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer spent a difficult first quarter of an hour in the first French-language debate of the election campaign on Wednesday night.” – Lina Dib, The Canadian Press, Oct 2, 2019

“For the sixth time, @Andrewscheer refuses to state his personal position on abortion.” – Louis Blouin (Radio-Canada), Twitter, Oct 2, 2019

“What has Bloc done in Parliament? Have they gotten anything passed?  He says Bloc works well in a minority parliament. (FWIW, Bloc MPs did virtually nothing of substance in the last Parliament.)” – John Paul Tasker, CBC News, 2 Oct 2019

“One clear loser tonight: Andrew Scheer. Got nervous over abortion and never fully recovered. Blanchet was professorial and annoying (…) Trudeau, the PM, on offensive most of the night.” – Bernard St-Laurent (Retired, CBC/Radio-Canada), Twitter, 2 oct 2019

“Instead of outgoing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as expected, the main target was instead Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer on Wednesday night during the first French-language leaders’ debate.” – Olivier Bossé, Le Soleil, Oct 2, 2019

“From the outset, the abortion issue trapped Mr. Scheer in the corner of the ring, where he could only take the blows and let the storm pass.” – Olivier Bossé, Le Soleil, Oct 2, 2019

“Justin Trudeau did a pretty good job. He wasn’t supposed to trip, he didn’t trip.” ICI RDI, 2 Oct 2019

“The Liberal leader – as outgoing Prime Minister – was in a much less comfortable position as he had to defend a record. He was able to do so without tripping, successfully sending some attacks. He was particularly passionate about abortion and the budget cuts he claims Andrew Scheer would make if elected.” – Fannie Olivier, Radio-Canada, Oct 3, 2019

“Conservative leader Andrew Scheer quickly found himself on the defensive, bombarded by a trio of adversaries who came together to try to snatch answers about his personal position on abortion.” – Mélanie Marquis and Fanny Lévesque, La Presse, Oct 3, 2019

“Following the first leaders’ debate in French, the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, Andrew Scheer, chose to remain vague about his personal position on abortion rights. Asked about this in a scrum, Scheer somewhat deviated from the sentence he repeated tirelessly to ensure that he would not reopen this debate.” – Roxanne Ocampo, The Canadian Press, Oct 3, 2019

“The first leaders’ debate will have often put Andrew Scheer on the line on Wednesday night: whether it’s his positions on social or environmental issues, he took his share of blows from his three opponents who tried to portray the Conservative leader as being at odds with Quebec values.” – Guillaume Bourgault-Côté and Hélène Buzzetti, Le Devoir, Oct 3, 2019

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