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Jagmeet Singh’s Delusions Of Grandeur

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NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh lost the election full stop. However, by his actions and antics, one would have assumed he had ascended to the top job of Prime Minister of Canada. 

There is nothing to celebrate here Jagmeet. You finished fourth in the race and by all accounts, that’s a participation ribbon. You mortgaged Jack Layton’s place and now have delusions of grandeur that the Liberal Party needs you. They don’t and the Conservatives don’t want anything to do with the NDP’s pie in the promises either. 

It is absolutely mind-boggling to think the NDP will keep him on as leader heading into the next general election. He can not win Quebec, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba or B.C. The party is broke and does not have any real plan for the future.

Jagmeet Sign talks a big game and drops subtle hints about bringing down the Liberal government if Mr. Trudeau does not adhere to his empty strong-armed tactics on Pharma Care and the Trans Mountain Pipeline. Someone from the NDP should let Jagmeet know when he is seated at the kids’ table he is merely an observer. If Jagmeet honestly believes triggering an early election with a vote of no confidence will be easy and beneficial to his penniless NDP party, he will all but guarantee his party garners the same results as Maxine Bernier’s Peoples Party when the next election is called.

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