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Pan-Democracy Party Wins 17 Out Of 18 Districts In Hong Kong Election

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Echoes of anti-establishment of nearly two hundred days of street protests sent shock waves through the polling stations across Hong Kong on Sunday, as a Tsunami of voters rebuffed pro-Beijing candidates by casting ballots in support of the pan-democrats.

Elections officials estimate 71% of eligible citizens voted for change which amounts to approximately 3 million people including a record turnout for first-time voters. The Pan Democrats combined with independents, captured 392 of the 452 district council seats, leaving the pro-establishment party with only 60 seats. Pan-Democrats now control 17 of the 18 council districts, which is a far contrast to when the pro-establishment party won 292 seats in the 2015 election.

All eyes are now on Carrie Lam and China to see if they will accept the will of the people. She has acknowledged that the results show contempt and disgust with her administration, and promised a more open dialogue. Carrie has no real power as essentially all major decision making will need to be sanctioned by Beijing.

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