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Angola Foreign Affairs Minister Appointed United Nations Permanent Advisory Committee President

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The country, which takes over the presidency in the first half of next year, replacing the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), has as one of its main challenges the fight against illicit exploitation of resources, which has contributed to the continuation of conflicts. Moreover, this is an issue that has received the attention of the Angolan Government.

Speaking to the press, conference spokesman Mario Constantino recalled that the Committee was set up in a different context from the present one, in which the situation in the subregion’s countries has improved favorably.

Angola’s goals in the Committee, he said, are to make the region as stable as possible because, in his view, only in this way will it be possible to tackle other challenges such as sustainable development, good governance and human rights.

“We must put everything in its place for a region that is pulsating from the point of view of social development challenges,” he said.

Mário Constantino added that the issue of disarmament, the implementation of the Kinshasa Convention and the process of ratification of the Arms Trade Treaty also pose challenges for the Angolan presidency, as most of the Committee’s member countries still remain. did not adhere to it.

The spokesman pointed to international cooperation as one of the most effective mechanisms to ensure the security of the Gulf of Guinea region.

The official who spoke after the experts had addressed the issue of transhumance in the region and the issue of disarmament from the perspective of security in the Gulf of Guinea, stressed that “without international cooperation it is very difficult to implement national anti-piracy strategies in the region. region”.

Mário Constantino admitted that countries have their national strategies to combat piracy and make the Gulf of Guinea region safer, but said international partnerships are needed to make fighting more effective.

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