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The Audacity To Dream Of A Fascist Free World

It’s a known fact that in the Muslim community that rampant anti Semitism exists and some members of my family are no exception. It’s also pretty common to go to any family dinner and hear ignorant uncles blame the Jews for everything from the financial system to 911.

It’s important as a young Muslim man to challenge this type of rhetoric so that society understands there are clear distinctions between an Israeli settler state and the Jewish religion.

I am blessed to have so many wonderful Jewish people in my life. Together we’ve broken bread and shared our love of humanity and hope for peace.

As a vocal activist within the community, I am often the target of Israeli nationalists who use misleading campaigns to try and discredit my work and me. In some instances, they have twisted the messages of my old social media posts to try and label me as anti-Semitic. Anyone who knows me knows that this is farthest from the truth.

I have always been open to engaging in meaningful dialogues with anyone that recognizes there must be a viable solution ensuring Israel and Palestine have a path towards peace and the preservation of life.

I know, if I say something stupid or unacceptable, those who love me and surround me, will always call me out. I am always under a heightened level of scrutiny from active and, the random right-wing trolls questioning the work that I do. They should know, they do not phase me; they only further amplify my message of inclusion and unity.

I am a person that considers myself to be on the far left of the political spectrum. I often find myself engaged in discussions about the state of Israel, a Jewish homeland and (BDS) Boycott Divest Sanction.

Other than antisemitic Muslims and Nazis, I think everyone would agree that Jews should have their homeland in the Middle East and share the country with the Palestinian people.

As a tenant of my faith, I need to respect the Abrahamic tradition. I remind everyone that it was the great Caliph I was named after. He liberated the Mount Temple and cleaned it for Jews to worship in long after decades of neglect.

It was also Salahudeen who liberated Jerusalem from the Crusaders and by doing so, re-established a homeland for both Muslims and Jews. Those reasons are why I don’t agree with BDS.

The BDS punishes peaceful Israelis who have nothing to do with the actions of their government. I would argue the BDS is anti-working class. There will always be those profiting from the Israeli war machine and, should be removed from doing so at the expense of their fellow citizens.

The BDS is hurting Israelis trying to make a living and, remains counterproductive to those working towards long-term peace in the region. It’s time sympathetic countries to Israel in the west realize this system is nothing more than a reactionary response to horrible conditions.

A no-state solution would be ideal. It’s the idea of nationalism that has caused so much death and destruction. It isn’t religion or culture, because those are pretty similar. It’s the bad actors in power who exploit religion to sell their nationalist propaganda. It’s the belief that because you are born on the right side of the border that you have more entitlement.

I will take a two-state solution or even a one-state solution if it meant Palestinians and Jews governed together in the true spirit of democracy. The only things holding this back are the same things that hold back all progress: reactionary politics and ignorance from the right and the left.

Don’t be a sheep and follow a narrative that we’ve been taught at birth or forced upon us by the academic elites and the media. Do not be like the Jew-hating uncle no one likes at the dinner table or the right-wing Islamophobic Israeli worshipper. It’s time to smash those narratives with love and respect.

By Omar Kinnarath
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