Court Hands Trump Another Hole In His M.A.G.A Border Wall

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U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California blocked the Trump Administration from stealing $3.6 billion from military construction initiatives to pay for his ineffective, wasteful wall.  This ruling follows a separate ruling in the District Court Western District of Texas, in which the courts issued a permanent injunction against the wall.

“For the second time this week, the Courts have resoundingly ruled against the President’s assault on the rule of law, on the Constitution of the United States and on the national security of the American people.

“As the Courts continue to rule, the President’s plan to cancel military construction projects to pay for his ineffective, wasteful wall is clearly illegal, as he is stealing from appropriated funds, an action that was not authorized by constitutional or statutory authority.  This action is another deeply disturbing example of the President’s ongoing campaign to negate the separation of powers that is the genius of our Constitution, as he attacks Congress’s exclusive constitutional ‘power of the purse.’

“The President’s plan also would have made America less safe by hurting our military’s strength and readiness by cancelling critical initiatives, including those to combat Russian aggression, protect our troops from terrorist threats, safeguard munitions stockpiles and update key bases.  It also dishonoured military families: The President said Mexico would pay for his wall – not military families.

“The House plans to continue to fight the President’s attacks on the American Constitution, national security and democracy in the Congress and in the Courts.”

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