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Premier Jason Kenney’s Lavish $34,000 Private Security Detail For Him And His Entourage To London, England

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Outside of Alberta, the political pundits and, the political junkies, no one knows Jason Kenney is the Premier of that province. Someone should let him know he is not the big shot celebrity he thinks he is that warrants a $34,000 security detail for him and his Special Advisor David Knight Legg for their trip to London. When did the government start handing out security details to Special Advisors?

The premiers special advisor is a repeat offender and is no stranger to splurging at the expense of Alberta’s taxpayers. Just over a month ago, David Knight Legg spent a whopping $18,000 on a four day trip to London to meet with the head of global banking. A trip he and the embattled premier justifies as a necessity.

Austerity and cutbacks don’t apply to Jason Kenney. They only to apply to the people of Alberta struggling to make ends meet. Jason is living the movie star life. We only hope that he and his entourage order the cheap champagne and caviar while riding around in their luxury sedans (possibly) armoured.

During his Dec. 16-18 soul searching trip to London, Jason will try to make the case that investing in Alberta’s energy sector is the best choice to meet global energy demands. He will undoubtedly omit the elephants in the room; 1. Being his ongoing relentless attack on the Prime Minister and his unwillingness to do business with the Federal Liberals, 2. the massive downgrade to the provinces credit rating by Moody.

Premier Kenney will meet with Bank of England Governor and recently appointed UN Envoy on Climate Change Mark Carney and, Canada’s High Commissioner, Janice Charette.

Jason Kenney also hopes to get meetings with global banks, hedge funds and private equity firms with energy exposure to show how the province is building a strong, competitive foundation for investment. He did not provide any details or specifics of those investors he plans to solicit.

The Premier chose the perfect time to leave the country amidst his disastrous poll numbers and the resignation of is his closest ally, Andrew Scheer. One thing is certain when Jason Kenney returns from his trip across the pond, there will still be angry Albertans wondering if he has the competency to lead Alberta through their uncertain economic times.

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