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Underage Youth Sexually Trafficked Then Charged With Murder Of Her Trafficker.

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A sexually trafficked teen in Wisconsin is facing life in prison after being accused of killing an alleged sex trafficker who raped her. 

Starting when Chrystul Kizer was 16, Randall Volar III, 34 engaged in sex and then selling Kizer. By 2018 Kizer had enough and killed Volar . She also set fire to Volar’s ramshackle home and stoke his BMW. 

The publicly provided defence lawyer said that it would be argued that it was legitimate self-defence. It is recognized that even though Volar lived in a run-down home he had still amassed half a million US dollars. It has been reported by the bank as having come from possible proceeds of human trafficking. 

Volar is also known to have filmed underage girls and explain how to conduct themselves in order to sell themselves for sex. Kizer has stated that after multiple times saying no to having sex with him that she decided to kill him. 

US Federal law dictates that any child under the age of 18 who has been bought or sold for sex is a sex-trafficking victim, regardless of circumstance. Also in Wisconsin, a sex-trafficking victim can claim “affirmative” defense. 

The prosecution said that “The judge did not agree there was a defence available for that.” They also stated that they are “uncomfortable with the decision where we say that if someone did bad things to the murderer, then they should not be charged. To me, that is a place where society should not go.”It is also known that Kizer is black and Volar is white. It is not known what impact race may be playing on the final outcome. The District Attorney Michael Gravely who is also white entered into a protracted battle with Kizer’s defence, refusing to allow them to review evidence of the sex crimes which Volar committed. This includes video, photographic, and financial evidence that would prove their client had been trafficked.
The trial judge is David Wilk who is also white. Kizer remains in jail on a 1 million dollar bond.