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Mexico Protests The Police Presence At Its Embassy And Residence In Bolivia

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The Mexican government denounces the harassment of both its embassy and official residence and expresses its appreciation for the gestures of solidarity made by various countries and representatives of international organizations during this concerning time.  It again calls on the international community to continue condemning the intimidation to which the Mexican embassy and official residence in Bolivia are being subjected, which is a flagrant violation of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.

Bolivian intelligence and security forces continue to surround Mexico’s embassy and residence in La Paz, contrary to what Bolivian officials have reported.  There is currently a police cordon registering everyone entering and leaving Mexico’s diplomatic premises; agents are making recordings and have tried to stop Mexico’s ambassador and diplomatic personnel from moving freely, and Mexico’s official vehicles are being followed.

Clearly, these actions do not correspond to the usual practices of protection and security that are based on the norms that guide good rapport between nations, and can only be explained in light of the domestic political situation in the country.

The Government of Mexico calls for Bolivia to comply with its international obligations, guarantee the inviolability of diplomatic missions and stop its policy of harassment and intimidation.  Should this situation continue, Mexico will hold Bolivia responsible for any harm to the embassy, its accredited personnel and any individual under the protection of the Mexican State there.