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150 Asylum Seekers On The Verge Of Being Homeless

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Nearly 150 asylum seekers facing imminent homelessness in Glasgow will be given urgent, intensive advocacy support from local organizations.

The Scottish Government will provide a £252,000 funding package to organizations to help ensure asylum seekers have access to legal professionals and other services.

Last year, the Scottish Government provided £150,000 of emergency funding to strengthen local advocacy support for destitute asylum seekers at risk of eviction.  That helped to reduce the number of people at risk of eviction, from a peak of 330 when planned lock change evictions were first announced. Further funding proposals for longer-term strategic projects are also being developed.

We all have a moral duty to help those most in need, and we want to provide a humanitarian response to the plight of people facing eviction and homelessness. This funding will ensure advocacy and legal support are available for those who desperately need it and ensure people’s dignity and rights are respected.

Communities Secretary Aileen Campbell

“Previous UK Governments have failed to fix their failed asylum process. This cannot continue. It is now the time for them to finally find a long-term, sustainable and humane alternative to the asylum process. I will be writing to UK Ministers to remind them of their role to not make anyone who has sought safety in this country homeless and destitute.”

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