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Quebec Premier To Teach Unbiased Politics To Youths

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QUEBEC, The 70th legislature of the Quebec Youth Parliament (PJQ) welcomes a hundred young parliamentarians and journalists to the National Assembly. Coming from all over Quebec, the participants, aged 18 to 25, will experience the Quebec parliamentary system by debating social issues in a non-partisan way.

During this legislature of the Quebec Youth Parliament, four bills drafted by participants playing the role of ministers will be debated. Among the themes that will be addressed by young parliamentarians, let us note criminal justice, citizenship, digital habits and eco-taxation.

The experience of unbiased politics Young deputies will have the opportunity to debate without being constrained by a party line. “We are truly fortunate to put ourselves in the shoes of a parliamentarian and to hold debates on societal issues, focusing on ideas and with increased freedom to express ourselves in our free soul and conscience”, explains the premier of simulation and coordinator of the organizing committee, Céline Gemmel. 

The subjects discussed correspond to issues considered to be important, current and likely to cause controversy. “We make sure to introduce bills that are innovative and that generate debates that we do not see in the public arena. This allows us to go to the heart of the issues and to initiate discussions bringing moral reflections among the participants, ”she continues. These debates take place in a setting that also allows participants to learn and familiarize themselves with the workings of Quebec democracy.

Our Lieutenant Governor: Émilie Nicolas On the occasion of its 70th legislature, the Quebec Youth Parliament is proud to announce that Ms. Émilie Nicolas will act as Lieutenant-Governor during our simulation. She will preside over the swearing-in ceremony for the Deputies of the 70th Parliament and will deliver the Speech from the Throne as well as the closing speech of the simulation on December 26 and 30, respectively.  Ms. Nicolas is an activist known for her work as a consultant and columnist for Le Devoir . Committed to social justice and recognized as a bridge-builder,  Ms. Nicolas collaborated in the creation of inclusive Quebec in 2013 and a coalition in favor of equality and against systemic racism in Quebec.

About the Quebec Youth ParliamentThe Quebec Youth Parliament, founded in 1949, is organized by the Quebec Association of Young Parliamentarians. This association’s mission is to initiate and educate young people for citizenship, to stimulate debates on major contemporary issues and to allow them to develop their leadership capacity and public speaking.

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