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The US Confirmed That It Had Struck Targets In Baghdad

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The US confirmed that it had struck “two targets linked to Iran” in Baghdad, located near the international airport of the Iraqi capital. Free News reports with reference to the Reuters News Agency.

Earlier, local media reported that the attack was allegedly subjected to military facilities of the Iraqi army and the American coalition, located in the area of the air Harbor.
Now, we know about eight dead as a result of a missile strike.

According to Free News, citing Al Arabiya, representatives of the Shiite militia said that five members of al-Hashd al-SHAABI were killed in the attack, as well as two “guests.”
Among the dead was the head of the public relations department of the militia, Mohammed al-Jabiri.

Previously, there was information about one civilian who was in the car at the time of the attack was also killed. Video with the consequences of the missile strike in his Twitter published journalist Ihab El-Obeidi.

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