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Pizza Surprise: We Put A Pizza In The Oven And Got A Crispy Snake

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Just past Christmas, a North Carolina family in the United States put a frozen pizza in the oven for the evening meal. Eventually, instead of the pleasant smell of McCains frozen pizza, there was another odor. Upon opening the oven they found there was a scorched snake inside.

The North Carolina family was frightened. Mrs. Amber Helm wanted to have a good pizza with her husband and two children. She said “I didn’t expect to put the pizza in the oven for 10 minutes, and have white smoke.  The smoke and odor were scary & when I opened the door and finding a scorched “crispy snake” on the bottom, it made everyone lose their appetite.”

Mr. Helm said that when he started to open the oven, he didn’t see it clearly, and then he took a closer look and didn’t expect there to be a cooked snake at the bottom.  “It was about 18 inches long and the skin was quite very crispy.” The family suddenly lost their appetite. 

In the end, the family went out to eat. Helm was also saddened that the snake had been roasted alive. He wondered how the snake ran into the oven, hoping that a similar situation would not happen again. It is not reported what the family had for a meal. Nor do we know if they tried the snake later, but the father was tasked with cleaning the oven.

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