Trump Has Promised To Introduce School Prayers

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The US President said that he protects religion.

President Donald Trump has promised to introduce mandatory prayer in public schools.

Trump expects to get the support of voters-parishioners of Evangelical churches. He spoke in the building of the Church, which adheres to the “gospel of prosperity” and preaches that believers receive a reward in the earthly life-in the form of health and wealth.

“We are defending religion itself, it is under siege,” Trump said. “A society without religion cannot thrive,” he also said.

During his speech, Donald Trump mocked Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg for having an unpronounceable last name, and said that Democrats are waging a war against religion and believers.

Those present reacted violently to the President’s promise to bring religion to schools.

“Very soon, I will take steps to guarantee students and teachers the First amendment (to the Constitution) and the right to pray in our schools,” Donald Trump said.
In the 2016 election, more than 80% of white Evangelical Christians voted for trump. However, there was a rift in Evangelical support for trump last month when Christianity today magazine printed an editorial that spoke of Trump’s extremely immoral character.”

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