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Does NDP Jagmeet Singh Support General Soleimani?

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The NDP leader Jagmeet Singh is worried about Iran, Iraq & Trump. In a series of tweets, he lays out his fears and asks for more reassurances from the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau.

The Liberal Parliamentary Secretary for Global Affairs Rob Oliphant responded and said about PM Trudeau “He is engaged in this situation. He’s been engaged in it for the last several days. He is talking to military leaders. He’s doing his job, and I think that’s what Canadians want him to do.” 
The Prime Minister Office also issued statements about the phone calls Trudeau has held with other world leaders and sent a tweet from the prime minister’s account about the situation concerning the death of the Iranian General Soleimani.

Four days ago a U.S. airstrike in Baghdad, Iraq killed Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani who is a known master-mind and funder of terrorism and wars in the region. 

In the tweet, Trudeau said the safety and well-being of Canadians in the region is his “top priority,” adding that he will continue to monitor the situation “closely” and encourage de-escalation.

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh did not respond to questions if he is against the killing of General Soleimani and supportive of his policies for more war in Iraq and Syria. Soleimani’s actions have caused death and destruction to millions in the Middle East.

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