Senator McConnell Takes Pleasure Dismantling Obamacare Leaving Tens Of Millions Without Healthcare

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Washington, D.C. – The 2019 year-end job report for the American economy paints a more bleak picture then the often rosy forecast portrayed by the US President Trump. Many uncertainties are heading into 2020 for struggling families living paycheque to paycheque.

The farming industries face even more uncertainty with the skyrocketing cost of living, climate change and the never-ending trade war with China.

2019 saw egregious price gouging by big pharma raising the cost of life-saving drugs in the name of turning a profit. The start of 2020 has given little indication the behaviour of big pharma will change essentially leaving it up to Congress to act.

In December 2019, the Democratic Congress took bold action by passing the Lower Drug Costs Now Act to finally negotiate lower drug prices for American seniors and families. Senator McConnell, in his partisan nature, refuses to bring this bill to a vote. 

In the meantime, the Trump Government continues there all-out dismantling of the Obama Administrations Affordable Care Act (ACA). Tens of Millions of Americans will no longer have access to health care if they have a pre-existing condition as a part of Trump’s restructuring of the ACA.

To date, the House Democrats have sent 275 Bipartisan bills for GOP Senator to bring to the floor for discussion, but he is unwilling to work with any Democrats. Senator McConnell has taken more pleasure being Trump’s Chief Whipping Boy than passing any legislation to help all the people suffering within America. 

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