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Pope Francis Welcomes Ethiopian Clergies To Rome

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The Ethiopian College was welcomed to Rome by Pope Francis on the centenary of its establishment by Pople Benedict XV.

“Welcome”. “At the tomb of the Apostle Peter”, he said, “the children of peoples geographically distant from Rome, but close to the Faith of the Apostles in professing Jesus Christ the Saviour, have found home and hospitality throughout the centuries”. Pope Franis

In the 15th century, Pope Sixtus IV granted Ethiopian pilgrims the use of the Church of Santo Stefano degli Abissini (St Stephen of the Abyssinians) in the Vatican Gardens. Five centuries later, Pope Benedict XV honoured Pope Pius XL with the establishment of the Ethiopian College.

Pope Francis spoke about unity and appreciation for all religions and faiths. He expressed his hope that the Church in both Ethiopia and Eritrea “might be guaranteed the freedom to serve the common good.

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