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Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen Elected With A Strong Mandate

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Taipei – The people have Taiwan has sent President Tsai Ing-wen back to the republic with a strong vote of confidence. Her strong stance against the Chinese government helped her defeat her two challengers in Saturday’s election.

President Tsai’s main competitor Han Kuo-yu of the Peoples First Party has been a longtime supporter of the Government of China and their detrimental policies towards Taiwan.

In the wake of the horrific violence in Hong Kong by the Chinese government and their willingness to impose laws that lead to the death and injury of hundreds of citizens, Taiwan chose to reject Han Kuo Yu as a whole.

China’s communist government has a deep resentment for Tsai since her 2016 election because she refused to bend the knee to China’s colonial stance towards her country.

Her victory will likely deepen the divide with Beijing which will prove to be a tumultuous second term with the communist country.

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