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Lion’s Head Lighthouse Destroyed In Latest Ontario Storm.

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There are reports that a historic lighthouse in Ontario was destroyed overnight between January 11 to January 12. The lighthouse is found in the Georgian Bay near the Lionshead town. This working lighthouse is a favourite among locals and visitors who often use it as a backdrop for photos.

The first lighthouse was a lantern, which emitted a red light starting in 1903. By 1913 a square tower with a balcony and lantern was erected. The lighthouse has often been damaged in storms throughout its history.  The lighthouse was also damaged by fire in 1933. In 1969 the Canadian Coast Guard replaced it with a metal pole which emitted a flashing red light. 

Eventually, students of the Bruce Peninsula District School completed the construction of a replica of the old wooden lighthouse with funds from the Lion’s Head Rotary Club. In 2000 the operating light was damaged and the Canadian Coast Guard decided to replace it with the students’ lighthouse which was moved to the end of the pier and activated.

The shoreline of the nearby stone beach was altered by severe wave action. At the recent rain and snow storm on January 11, 2020, the lighthouse was destroyed and reduced to a pile of scattered lumber by the morning.

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