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NDP Focuses On Partisan Politics While Canada Mourn The Loss Of 57 Canadians

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In a series of tweets, the NDP leader Jagmeet Singh has decided to make the shooting down of a Ukrainian commercial passage plane PS752 a partisan political issue. 

“The shocking news that Flight 752 may have been shot down makes the situation in the region even more volatile. I’m repeating our call for the gov’t to call the House of Commons back. Cdns deserve answers and to be heard before the gov’t makes any decisions and things escalate.”

The NDP further elaborated to ipolitics “As Jagmeet has said, Canadians deserve answers and deserve to be heard while many questions remain unanswered and before anything escalates in the region

176 people died including 57 Canadians after a surface-to-air missile used by Iran destroyed the airplane. Iran has admitted the mistake after initially denying that they caused the air crash. 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Saturday  “I think there are going to be many conversations and reflections on consequences over the coming days and weeks,” he said. “Right now, we’re focusing on what the families most need and that is answers and access, and that is where all of our efforts are focused.”

Trudeau has been meeting with families, mourning their loss and ensure they have all the information that is available. 

Trudeau has also been in contact with other world leaders and has been steadfast in his expectations. “Full clarity” is needed for a complete investigation & families “deserve” closure. It is “absolutely necessary” that Canada participates in the investigation and Canadian officials “expect” the full co-operation of Iranian authorities. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani had responded in the words of Trudeau to a “commitment to collaborate.”