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Guilty Suspects Or Iranian Scapegoats

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Iran’s judiciary spokesman Gholamhossein Esmaili in a prepared statement today indicated his government had made several arrests related to the downing of Ukrainian flight 752.

Although he did not elaborate or offer specifics about the arrests, he echoed the calls of Iranian President Rouhani for those responsible to be punished. The form of justice is still to be determined but Iran like most middle eastern countries still use the death penalty as a form of punishment.

The Iranian government will form a special court to handle the trial of the accused behind the downing of the Ukrainian Jetliner. On the surface, the Iranian government appears to be doing and saying all the right things since its admission of guilt.

The Iranian government is facing unsurmountable calls for the resignation of both President Rouhani and Ayatollah Khamenei. They will use the trial as a way of shifting the blame back to members of its military and try them in the court of public opinion for the death of 167 passengers and fellow citizens.

Image source – Hindu Times

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