Senate Leader McConnell Kills Bill To Strengthen American Election Security

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US intelligence for months has been reporting continuous interference from Russia in the current elections to the benefit of President Trump. The undermining of the 2020 democratic process is drawing an eerie comparison to that of 2016. The Democrats are furious at the Trump administration’s unwillingness to put in place measures to strengthen election security.

American elections should be decided by the American people, not by the Russian Government said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

One of the first acts of the House Democrats was to pass The People Act, to secure that American elections are fair and free from foreign interference. However, Senate Leader McConnell has sentenced the bill to his senatorial graveyard, giving unfriendly foreign control the green light to attack the US.

President Trump along with the GOP led Senate must explain to the American people why they are defending Putin and, choosing to ignore the evidence provided to them by America’s intelligence agencies confirming Russian interference into the US election process.

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