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Pentagon Comes Clean About Injuries Suffered To Americans During Iranian Missile Strike

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The Iranian missile attack on the US military base in Al Asad Iraq left several service members with concussion-like symptoms. On January 8, when the attack was first reported by the Pentagon, they were quick to point out that no service members had been injured or killed.

Fast forward a week later and multiple members of the military have reported concussion-like symptoms suffered from missile strikes.

“As a standard procedure, all personnel in the vicinity of a blast are screened for traumatic brain injury, and if deemed appropriate are transported to a higher level of care,” said Capt. Bill Urban the spokesperson for US Central Command in a statement.

Out of an abundance of caution, service members were transported from Al Asad Air Base, Iraq to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany for follow-on screening.

The Pentagon has not released the exact numbers of service members being treated for concussion-like symptoms, nor have they indicated the severity of their injuries or the expected time frame for them to return back to active duty.

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