Trump To Get a Sit Down With Iraqi President On Trip To Davos

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WASHINGTON – US President Donald Trump plans to hold talks with Iraqi President Barham Saleh at the world economic forum (WEF), which will be held from 21 to 24 January in Davos. The SVS TV channel reported, citing its sources in the Washington administration.

According to them, consultations are currently underway on the details of the agenda for the meeting of the two heads of state. The White House is optimistic about the possibility of holding such talks. The American leader is also expected to meet with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen at the WEF.

The actions of the Americans, who have been striking Shiite groups in Iraq since December 29, have drawn criticism from the Iraqi authorities. On January 5, the Arab Parliament adopted a resolution demanding the complete withdrawal of all foreign troops. Trump refused to do so, threatening Baghdad with “unprecedented sanctions.”

The Davos Forum is an annual meeting of representatives of the world’s political and business elite. Since the 1980s, the event has had the status of one of the main international events of the year. In addition to politicians and businessmen, representatives of public organizations, scientific circles, cultural figures, and media executives participate in discussions at the WEF.

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