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3 Day Cabinet Retreat And A Beard Summit Invite

Prime Minister Trudeau and the Liberal Cabinet Ministers arrived in Winnipeg one day before the start of their three-day retreat. Many of the ministers took the time to visit local stakeholders and take in a few cultural events.

The Prime Minister has agreed to meet with the City’s Mayor Bowman and Premier Pallister to discuss climate change, public safety and upgrades to the city’s water infrastructure. Naturally, these meeting will take place separately as both the Mayor and Premier has shown they have a general disdain for one another which often lead to the public airing of their childlike spats.

The Prime Minister also had a chance to sit down with the Leader of the Manitoba Liberal Party Dougald Lamont before the Cabinet retreat. Mr. Lamont outlined his vision and priorities for Manitoba and presented the Prime Minister with his formal invitation to attend the 2020 beard summit.

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