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Another Brazen Liquor Store Robbery By A Manitoba Youth

An eye witness account of another MLCC store being robbed by a youth.

“My partner and I were upset Sunday afternoon, stopping at our regular MLCC on Pembina where we witnessed a brazen liquor store theft by an underage male and older adult female. I was appalled by the audacity in which they both walked around the store filling their backpack.

It almost seemed they had a mental shopping list of items to steal and grabbed two cases of beer before exiting the store. They came close enough to me where I could have said or done something, but I remembered reading warnings about not trying to apprehend or confront any of the robbers.

It was frustrating to watch powerlessly along with the staff as it happened”. The employees handled the situation very well, and one even spoke to the woman commenting about “her son”, which she denied.

It was upsetting for both of us and other patrons to witness. The staff were very good about checking in with the customers after the pair left with their stolen merchandise.

The current government turns a blind eye to the root causes of these thefts. If we were to work to eliminate poverty there would be no need for these brazen crimes which affect patrons and the staff of MLCC and many other retail stores.

Shandi Strong

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