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Severe Flooding Destroys Brazilian Community

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On Sunday, January 19, 2020, at about 7 am, Mr. Domingos Savio Mob a member from the town of Iconha, Brazil captured the devastating flood brought on by heavy rainfall prompting authorities to declare a state of emergency. 

Approximately 24mm of torrential rain fell within hours and left a path of destruction in the small town. The rapid rainfall has seen the Iconha river rise to 7 meters which wiped out the roads making it difficult to get to people in need of rescuing. 

The people of Iconha are resilient and remain in high spirits in a moment of crisis. There have been no looting or robberies, just neighbours working together for the good of the community. 

United, organized, solidarity and organized at this terrible moment, where we see a true war scenario produced by the flood, said local resident Diogo Romanov

Since the reporting of the flood, donations from around the world have been pouring in which is a testament to humanity. Well needed supplies are being delivered from the state department which includes clean water, non-perishable foods, cleaning and personal hygiene products, mattresses, blankets and other life-saving items. 

The military has been dispatched across the southern parts of the country to aid in the search and rescue of all flooding victims. 

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