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Is China’s Coronavirus The New SARS?

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In 2002/2003 China new about the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and covered it up. That criminal act by the Chinese government ultimately caused the life of 800 people.

The Chinese government has confirmed six dead and another 300 infected with the Coronavirus, mainly from the Wuhan province. The deadly disease has made its way out Wuhan and into Beijing the country’s capital. There have also been multiple confirmed cases of the Coronavirus reported outside of China with ties linking back to Wuhan. South Korea, Taiwan and Japan’s health ministry are all on high alert to ensure the outbreak remains isolated.

“Information about newly reported infections suggest there may now be sustained human-to-human transmission,” said WHO’s regional director for the western Pacific, Takeshi Kasai.

As the Lunar New Year approaches, there are widespread fears over the infection, which could be spread through human contact. The Lunar New Year marks the busiest travel time in China where millions are expected to travel throughout the country and abroad.

If the Coronavirus is not contained before the start of the Lunar New Year, China could be on the verge of an epidemic.

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