Trump: WTO Treated The US Unfairly

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Before leaving Davos, the President held a press conference devoted to the issues of trade and economics.

Before he left the World Economic Forum in Davos, the President of the United States Donald Trump held a press conference, trying to focus on the issues of trade and economy. The American leader invited the head of the world trade organization, Roberto Azevedo, to the podium to highlight efforts to reform international trade rules.

“The world trade organization has treated the United States unfairly for many years,” Trump said.

WTO representatives will soon arrive in Washington to discuss the organization’s reform with the US authorities.

“We need an update. Change is needed. We need reform,” – Azevedo agreed. – In many areas, the system does not work, as it should. We are trying to fight this.”

Trump also reiterated his criticism of the European Union, threatening to impose high duties on European cars if a long-term trade agreement is not reached. He also noted that it is more difficult to reach an agreement with the EU than with China.

The President also continues to make critical remarks about the impeachment process. He said he would love to be in the audience during the Senate proceedings, “sitting in the front row and looking at their corrupt faces,” but his lawyers do not recommend doing so.

Trump also said that if Secretary of state Michael Pompeo and former national security adviser John Bolton testified in the trial, there could be a “national security problem” because they are directly familiar with his thoughts on other world leaders and other important issues.

Trump did not directly address the issue of the need to contain global warming, saying that in the United States, water and air are as clean as before. “While we have clean and beautiful and everything is in order… there is another continent (Asia) where the exhaust rises to an incredible level. Greta should have focused on these places.” At the same time, the President admitted that the Swedish activist “overtook” him in the fight for the title of person of the year according to Time magazine.

Responding to a question about whether he still believes climate change is a fiction, trump said, “No, not at all.”

Source: FN News

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