Why Many Fear How TRUMP Acts? 15,000 Lies And Counting

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President Donald Trump is, simultaneously, the most revered politician, by his core supporters, and, the most detested, by his detractors! While his core believes in his rhetoric, behavior, actions, etc, many others, are fearful of, his motives, believing he is doing damage to our Constitutional guarantees, in the areas of freedoms, liberties, and justice, for all, as well as by polarizing the nation, rather than unifying it! Many surveys and polls indicate, a large number of Americans fear how TRUMP acts, what he says, his lack of preparation, his suspected self – serving, etc. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, why this isn’t normal, and some of the potential ramifications, of this man, and his actions.

1. Tell truth; timely; time – tested; trends: Fact – checkers claim, the present occupant of the White House, has told well over 15, 000 lies, and/ or, material, major misstatements, in his 3 years, in – office! Many don’t believe him, or trust him, because they believe, he doesn’t tell the truth! Trump’s message/ slogan, Make America Great Again, is anything, but timely, because it focuses on the past, instead of future! He often, goes against tradition, and the finest of our American ideals, by avoiding learning and using time – tested traditions, ideas, etc. Wouldn’t we be better served, if the finest trends, were adopted, and taken advantage of?

2. Relevant; responsive; reasonable; rationale; rational: Doesn’t the nation, and world, have relevant, sustainable needs, especially in the areas of the dangers of Climate Change, and environmental protections (clean air and water), which our President needs to emphasize, but hasn’t? Have his actions and rhetoric, been perceived, as being, only responsive to his personal/ political agenda, and/ or self – interests, rather than the true needs of our nation, and planer? Few would describe this President as being, either reasonable, or rational, and many are challenged to understand, appreciate, or agree with the articulated rationale!

3. Uses; useful; urging; urgent: Instead of urging unifying, Trump seems to avoid paying attention to the urgent issues, which we face, and need to be addressed! He seems to not be willing, ready, or able, to identify the finest uses, for a President’s influence! How are his actions useful, relevant, and sustainable?

4. Motivating; make mark: We need motivating, unifying leaders, who seek to make their mark, for the better! In the past 3 years, many feel, we have received far less, and fear the impact, and ramifications for the future!

5. Priorities; planning; process: Whose priorities are being served, and represented, by President Trump? Does he have what’s needed to dedicate himself to the level of planning, we need, and to respect the process?

Wouldn’t it be better, if Americans worked together, for the greater good, rather than being polarized by the perceived rhetoric, actions, and focus of TRUMP? Wake up, America, and do, all you can, to become a better, more responsible voter!

Richard Brody
Website: http://plan2lead.net and LIKE the Facebook page for common sense: http://facebook.com/commonsense4all

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