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UK Government Gives New Powers To Police To Seize Unmanned Drones

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Air Traffic Management and Unmanned Aircraft Bill, giving greater police powers to prevent misuse, has second reading.

The government has acted to give police forces across the country new powers to tackle the misuse of unmanned aircraft, including drones, as the Air Traffic Management and Unmanned Aircraft Bill has its second reading in Parliament today (27 January 2020).

The legislation will give the police new powers to land, inspect and seize drones if an offence has been committed and a warrant is secured.

Drone users could also face an on the spot fine for certain offences such as failing to provide evidence that they have the correct permissions and exemptions if found to be flying their device too high or too close to buildings or failing to provide evidence of competency or registration.

The bill will also grant the Transport Secretary new powers to ensure that airports modernize their airspace, delivering quicker, quieter and cleaner journeys. Modernizing flight paths and the infrastructure of the sky will help reduce CO2 emissions from aviation, minimize noise for those near flight-paths and improve punctuality for passengers.

This is just the latest action from the government to ensure drones and other unmanned aircraft are used safely and responsibly.

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