Palestine Responded To Trump’s Proposal

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Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas called the US plan for a Middle East settlement a conspiracy. He said this in Ramallah, speaking live on Palestinian television.

“Jerusalem is not for sale, and your plot will not pass,” — he said. — We will not allow the historical rights of the Palestinian people to be disregarded. We are committed to the state of Palestine with Jerusalem as its capital.”

According to Abbas, plans to eliminate the Palestinian problem will fail. “We will not kneel and give up <…> Plots, deals and treacherous plans to eliminate the Palestinian question are doomed to failure,” — he said. — At this difficult time, I appeal to the Palestinians to unite and abandon the plan to eliminate the national project.”

Abbas declared his readiness to negotiate with Israel under the patronage of a “quartet” of international mediators (Russia, the US, the UN, and the EU). “We accept negotiations with Israel under the auspices of the quartet,” he announced while rejecting unilateral US mediation. “We are committed to negotiations based on international legitimacy, and we will not accept only Washington as a mediator of the peace process in the Middle East,” Abbas said.

Steve Cowan FN