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Under Trump’s Administration, The American Eagle Is Just Another Dead Bird

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President Trump’s State of the Union address went exactly as expected; filled with rhetoric, lies, fear-mongering and a shameful display of leadership by a Head of State.

Trump set the tone early by refusing to shake leaders Pelosi’s hand or acknowledging her presence. The reality tv president scripted the perfect made for tv spectacle that had the Republicans jumping out of their seats applauding while hanging on to the dictators every word.

The con man gave one of his best performances to date and, likely fooled many of his worshippers into thinking he single handily Made America Great Again.

The State of the Union speech has always been a moment used by presidents to unite the country and promote the economic achievements of the government, but Trump’s speech did neither.

Trump omitted or skirted around key issues that he promised to fix in his first run for office; election security, the Dreamers Act, America’s Trillion dollar debt, a bailout for farmers and medicare for all.

Trump has effectively muzzled and infected an already weakened Republican Party that now uses the constitution as a doormat and pieces of toilet paper. The once mightly American Bald Eagle was a symbol for truth and justice is now just another dead bird under the Trump Administration.

As long as the Democrats continue their civil war and inability to run a primary race, Donald Trump will likely be elected to a second term in a landslide victory come November 2020.

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