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120 Indigenous Communities In Favour Of Trans Mountain Pipeline

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The Federal court of appeal ruled in favour of Kinder Morgan to resume construction of the highly contentious Trans Mountain Pipeline. There has been an ongoing protest by various heredity chiefs from a few First Nations Reservation in British Columbia that opposed the construction of the pipeline. The chiefs that oppose the construction felt the Federal Government did not adequately involve them in the consultation phase and demand to have their voices heard.

The court of appeals invited the 129 Indigenous communities that will be impacted by the construction of the Trans Mountain Pipeline to ensure their voices are heard and be active participants in the consultation regarding the project. As a result of the consultation, 120 of the 129 Indigenous communities support or do not oppose the building of the Trans Mountain Pipeline. In addition, 59 of the Indigenous communities signed benefits agreements that will bring significant financial infusion into their community.

As a government, we believe Canada should get a fair price for its resources. Currently, almost all of our energy exports go to the United States and producers often have to sell at a discounted price. In recent years, Alberta and Saskatchewan have been hit hard by the pressure on oil prices and it’s important we make the necessary investments to open up new markets.

Getting our resources to global markets in a way that is efficient and safe is in Canada’s best interest. Construction of this project is underway and will create thousands of good middle-class jobs in Western Canada—in construction, engineering, monitoring and finance.

Today, more than 2,900 people have been hired and at peak construction, that number will reach 5,500. Indigenous peoples will also benefit through employment, training, compensation and contracting. To date, the Trans Mountain Corporation has signed agreements with 58 Indigenous communities. Minister of Finance, Bill Morneau

The Trans Mountain Expansion Project will be an important driver in Canada’s transition to a cleaner economy. Every dollar the federal government earns—from the annual corporate tax revenue estimated at $500 million as well as any profit from an eventual sale—will be invested in clean energy projects that will power our homes, businesses and communities for generations to come.

This Project protects Canada’s economic interests today and its revenues will fund our transition to the clean economy of tomorrow.

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