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Decade Of Development vs Decade Of Troubles

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His Excellency President David Granger on Sunday said Guyanese must make a choice between the Decade of Development his government has in store for the country of the and the decade of troubles brought upon the country by the previous administration during its tenure.

HE President David Granger is greeted by enthusiastic supports at the Coalition rally in at Bayroc, Wismar Linden.

Between 2000 and 2010, under the previous administration, some 1,431 homicides were committed, the Head of State reminded. He was speaking at another massive coalition rally at Bayroc, Wismar Linden.

“We have endured a decade of death in this country and we must not let that repeat,” the President told the mammoth crowd.

HE President David Granger acknowledges the crowd as he walks onto the stage at the rally in Bayroc, Wismar Linden.

On January 1 this year, the Head of State announced the beginning of the Decade of Development which will significantly improve the lives of all Guyanese with revenues from the oil and gas industry.

The Coalition’s plan for Guyana during the decade of development includes a continued focus on education, the President reiterated. There will be universal primary and secondary education as well as free education at the university level. It also includes providing job opportunities for the youth.

“Tonight, ask yourselves some questions. Having gone through 23 years, do you want the phantom squad to come back, do you want another Prado Ville, do you want another Skeldon factory, do you want another fibre optic cable?” he cautioned.

Meanwhile, the president said the coalition is confident that the votes from mining town will be enough to return it the government to office. He said the coalition was able to win the 2015 elections because of Linden and there is no doubt it will be the same for the March 2, 2020 polls.

“Back the winners. We are building strong partnerships. We are building schools, water plants, roads and stellings. We do what leaders do. We lead from the front, the President proclaimed.