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Should Winnipeg Make Railway Relocation A Priority?

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The Saskatchewan government reported that 1.2 million litres of oil spilled during a Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) train derailment near the hamlet of Guernsey last week.

In December of 2019, another train derailment saw an estimated 1.5 million litres spilled also near Guernsey.

Both train derailments are under investigation by the Transportation Safety Board of Canada. The TSB has not yet issued any information on Thursday’s crash.

The oil caught fire in the crash and continued to burn into the next day causing fear among the local population.

In Winnipeg, there are calls by urban planners such as Brent Bellamy to rethink the use of the railways inside of Winnipeg due to danger posed by the necessary. transportation of crude oil. Bellamy has called for a study on the relocation of the trains outside the city.

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