The US Attorney General Complained That Trump’s Tweets Prevent Him From Working

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William Barr — the US justice Secretary who is also the country’s Attorney General, said that the endless tweets of US President Donald Trump prevent him from doing his job.

In an interview with ABC News Barr stressed that Trump never asked him to “influence somehow the verdict in any criminal process,” but he still should stop writing tweets about the Ministry of justice. “They make it impossible for me to do my job,” Barr said.

According to journalists, such a comment by Barr is a rare case of criticism of the President, whom he usually zealously defends. However, on the other hand, this statement puts the Attorney General on a par with those Trump supporters in the White House who support the President, but at the same time wish that he wrote fewer tweets, the TV channel indicates.

Why Attorney General Barr criticized Trump for tweets

The criticism of William Barr was related to the trial of Roger Stone, who was for many years a confidant of Trump. Stone is charged with perjury in Congress, pressuring witnesses and obstructing the course of justice in the investigation of Trump’s possible ties to Moscow and the Kremlin’s interference in the 2016 US presidential election.

Taking into account the severity of these charges, prosecutors recommended that the Federal Court in Washington, which was considering the case, sentence stone to seven to nine years in prison. However, Trump sharply criticized this recommendation in his microblog on Twitter.

A few hours after that, the Justice Department, which is higher than the Prosecutor General’s office, recommended that stone choose a more lenient measure of restraint. As a result, four prosecutors voluntarily resigned, considering such interference to be politically motivated.

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