The Infamous Lawyer Found Guilty

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Michael Avenatti extorted money from Nike Corporation.

The court found lawyer Michael Avenatti guilty of all charges. According to the court’s verdict, Avenatti engaged in extortion, trying to get $ 25 million from the Nike Corporation.

Avenatti threatened to use TV and social media to damage the company’s reputation – according to his version, Nike illegally paid basketball players from University teams.

Nike categorically denied this and said: “The verdict of the court speaks for itself.”

The judge can sentence Avenatti to a long term of imprisonment-up to 40 years.

Avenatti will also face trial on other charges. He is accused of defrauding clients who, according to their claims, lost millions of dollars.

Michael Avenatti became widely known as the lawyer for adult film star Stormy Daniels, who claimed that she was in a close relationship with US President Donald Trump. Avenatti also said that he can join the fight for the White House.

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