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Canadian Flag Celebrated Its 55th Birthday

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In 1964, Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson formed a committee to resolve the ongoing issue of the lack of an official Canadian flag, sparking a serious debate about a flag change to replace the Union Flag. Out of three choices, the maple leaf design by George Stanley, based on the flag of the Royal Military College of Canada, was selected. Wikipedia

February 15, 1965, Canada’s new flag was raised for the very first time as a symbol that unites all Canadians and reflects our common values. This marked the start of a new era for our country, an era that saw Canada distinguish itself through the courage, creativity, openness, passion and compassion of the people who live here.

On Saturday, February 15, 2020, many Canadians used the creation of the flag as the perfect opportunity to show their Canadian pride and to celebrate the flag that unites Canada from coast to coast to coast.

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