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Andrew Scheer Said “Wet’suwet’en Protestors Are Radical, A Mob & Wants The RCMP To Get Involved

“Mr. Scheer disqualified himself from constructive discussions with his unacceptable speech earlier today,” said Prime Minister Trudeau when asked why he didn’t invite Andrew Scheer to a meeting of party leaders to discuss a resolution to the protests and blockades.

The House was back in session yesterday to discuss key issues affecting Canadians such as the Coronavirus and ongoing blockades by the Wet’suwet’en Hereditary Chiefs.

Prime Minister Trudeau used his time to talk about unity and the importance of having peaceful dialogues with the Wet’suwet’en Hereditary Chiefs and the various Indigenous communities. He further stressed the need for reconciliation to ensure the centuries of injustices to the Indigenous peoples are never repeated.

When it came to time for the opposition to speak, Andrew Scheer outgoing leader of the Conservative party, went on a tirade that prompted NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh to refer to his comments as racist.

Andrew Scheer referred to the protestors that stand with the Wet’suwet’en Hereditary Chiefs as “Radical, Illegal, Loud voices that shut down projects with a mob mentality. They are hostage-takers who are willfully representing an Indigenous agenda. He referred to Prime Minister Trudeau’s speech as “the weakest response to a national crisis” for wanting to pursue a meaningful dialogue with Indigenous peoples.

Just days earlier, Andrew Scheer told the protestors “to check their privileges” and called on the police to remove the protestors and the blockades.

“We have the experience of Oka 30 years ago where people went in with police and someone died. My question to Canadians, my questions to myself and to fellow politicians regardless of the party, is whether we do things the same old way and repeat the errors of the past, or do we take the time to do it right?” Marc Miller, Minister of Indigenous Services

Many Canadians depend on goods to flow from the railway to sustain life and carry on with their way of life. Every Canadian wants a peaceful resolution to the protest as it is our best interest. What is not in the best interests of Canadians is the reckless rhetoric coming from the mouth of the leader of the opposition.

As the outgoing leader of the Conservative Party, Andrew Scheer has no desire to work with the Trudeau government. His failed attempt to become Prime Minister has made him a bitter, uncooperative, pouty and pathetic person. He is ignorant of the history of Indigenous peoples and their disposition with law enforcement on their territory.

Everyone needs to understand that the Trudeau Government has done more for reconciliation with the Indigenous peoples than any other administration in Canadian history. From reconciliation with the Sixties Scoop, Residential and Indian Day Schools to a formal apology to the Inuit people for harmful treatments of the past governments to the supporting the UNDRIP, which was defeated in the Red Chamber by the Conservative Senate.

Canadians, we are educated enough to sift through the rhetoric and bullshit that we are be being forced fed to create division in our country. Canada is a great country with problems and many different and complex issues that need to be reconciled. We all have a role to play if we want the country to remain the “True North Strong And Free.”

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