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All 7 COVID-19 Patients In B.C Have Now Tested Negative For The Deadly Virus

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The infected B.C. patients with COVID-19 continue to recover in isolation at home and under care by public-health teams. In total, seven people have tested positive for COVID-19. The first individual has recovered, as indicated by the resolution of symptoms, followed by two successive negative test results 24 hours apart.

There has been an increased number of countries around the world with a growing number of COVID-19 cases being reported and many instances causing death. While the risk of spread of this virus within British Columbia remains low at this time, the government is watching the global evolution of COVID-19 carefully and are focusing their efforts on containing the spread of COVID-19 in B.C. and in Canada.

“We are preparing for all possibilities that may occur in the coming weeks, including the possibility of a pandemic. A pandemic is the spread of an illness to a large number of people on a global scale.

We are asking people to do their part in making sure they prevent transmission of infections to others in our communities and in our health-care system to best protect everyone in B.C”. Adrian Dix, B.C Minister of Health

The most important measures people can take to prevent respiratory illnesses, including COVID-19, are cleaning your hands regularly, avoiding touching your face, coughing or sneezing into your elbow sleeve, disposing of tissues appropriately and staying home and away from others if you are sick.

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