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EXCLUSIVE: Student Groups Funded Activists Who Trashed MP’S Office

Student groups with strong NDP ties have been funnelling money to controversial activists who occupied the office of a Winnipeg Liberal MP.
In an exclusive scoop, The Daily Scrum can reveal documents that show that the University of Winnipeg Students Association (UWSA) and the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS), both organizations with strong NDP ties, approved $2,000 to send to activists.

The paragraph from the UWSA meeting reads, “Noelle and Brenden presented funding request for $1000. Call for funding from those occupying Dan Vandal’s office. Occupation has lasted a week as of today, funding will go to the occupation, potentially to send people to Unist’ot’en Camp. CFS-MB planning to send money as well.” 

“Noelle and Branden recused themselves from the rest of the meeting. Motion to approve $2000. Moved by Ryan / Seconded by Ella.” 

Noelle is thought to be Noelle Sacher, who is a Women’s representative on the Canadian Federation of Students,  Brenden is thought to be Brenden Gali, Chairperson of CFS Manitoba. Neither Sacher nor Gali are Indigenous. Sacher describes herself as Libyan, while Gali describes himself as second-generation Filipino. 

The funding to occupy Liberal MP Dan Vandal, who is Métis, and Minister of Northern Affairs resulted in parts of Vandal’s office being trashed. The self-styled activists ate, slept and left garbage from days of occupation on site.

At one point, the occupiers demanded that a wall be cleared off so they could project a movie in the middle of the night, and gorged themselves on corporate fast food from McDonald’s and Tim Hortons. 

The activists appeared clueless that both McDonald’s and Tim Hortons owner, 3G Capital, are notorious for sourcing beef from the Brazilian Amazon rainforest, contributing massively to climate change as well as to the oppression of Indigenous Brazilians.  

Vandal’s office has since been targeted again, with spray-painted slogans and graffiti. The Canadian Museum for Human Rights was also tagged, and a monument to RCMP officers who were killed in the line of duty was desecrated. 

If anyone has information about the various vandalisms caused by the unlawful protestors, you are encouraged to contact your local authorities.

Image Source of occupied protestors and link to the article by Darrell Stranger

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