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Trump Administration Agrees To Peace Deal With Taliban

After almost two decades of fighting, a signed declaration with the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the United States’ and with the Taliban, paves the way for a meaningful peace process and an end to the bloody conflict in Afghanistan.

Thanks to the efforts of coalition forces, Afghanistan is no longer a safe haven for international terrorists and streets are safer. But all sides recognise that only a political solution can ensure stability and build a lasting peace in Afghanistan.

NATO’s Resolute Support Mission will make modest initial reductions whilst continuing to deliver on its commitments in Afghanistan. Further troop reductions will be based on progress in peace talks and conditions on the ground.

UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said:

These agreements mark a significant moment in the pursuit of peace in Afghanistan. The current reduction in violence is welcome and I hope it will be maintained, but meaningful negotiations between the Afghan leadership and the Taliban are the real prize and I hope this opportunity will be seized.

The only way to achieve lasting peace in Afghanistan is through a political solution.

The people of Afghanistan want and deserve hope after four decades of war, which has left the country one of the poorest and most fragile in the world.

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