Guyana President Confident His Party Will Be Re-Elected

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The A Partnership for National Unity +Alliance for Change Coalition (APNU+AFC) is confident of its victory at the General and Regional Elections today.

In a statement following the close of polls on Monday afternoon, His Excellency President David Granger told the nation he is confident of a victory and also expressed his satisfaction with the Guyana Election Commission’s hosting of peaceful elections.

“I have visited several polling stations personally and I have observed that voting has proceeded in a peaceful manner, we have received no reports of any interference with the normal electoral process.”

The Head of State noted with concern incidents involving another political party which he said has been reported to the commission. He explained that the reports stated that the party engaged in “activities which could be deemed to be fraudulent or unlawful.”

“These include attempts to deprive legitimate voters of their constitutional right to exercise their franchise simply because of the colour of their apparel,” he stated.

President Granger said that the Coalition will continue to monitor reports from around the country and he urged supporters to remain calm and vigilant.

“We are moving forward together for continued progress and development of our beautiful Cooperative Republic of Guyana.”

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