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Coronavirus Was Detected In 64 Countries

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The number of victims of the new coronavirus in China has increased to 2943; more than 47.2 thousand people have recovered. This is reported by the state Committee on the hygiene and health of the PRC.

During the day, China recorded 31 deaths; almost 2.8 thousand people were discharged from hospitals. The total number of people infected with a new type of coronavirus in China is more than 80.1 thousand people.

The situation with coronavirus is still severe in South Korea (4812 infected, 28 people died) and in Iran (1501 infected, 66 people died).

Now, 2734 cases of coronavirus infection have been detected in the European region, and 56 people have died. The absolute majority of cases of coronavirus in Europe so far occur in Italy (2036 infected). The EU has raised the risk of coronavirus from medium to high and is setting up a crisis headquarters.

The number of countries other than China that have registered cases of infection with a new type of coronavirus has reached 64. The day before, the coronavirus was first detected in Latvia, Morocco, San Marino, Tunisia, and Saudi Arabia.

In the United States, 6 people have become victims of the coronavirus in Washington state, and 103 people have already been infected. The white house is already considering several additional restrictions for those entering the country due to the coronavirus. US President Donald Trump has not ruled out the possibility of imposing a state of emergency in the country amid the spread of a new type of coronavirus.

Steve Cowan FN