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90% Of Trudeau’s Promises Kept

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Politicians often make many promises during elections, but whether or not they’ll actually follow through begs the question: do politicians keep their promises?

In 2013, a group of professors at Laval University in Quebec City created a website called the “Polimetre” to answer that question with hard scientific data.

The Polimetre tracked promises of the Pauline Marois, Philippe Couillard and the Stephen Harper governments and have been recently gathering data to update the website for the current Quebec government of François Legault and the federal government of Justin Trudeau. 

People can verify the promises kept and will find the exact wording of each promise as found it in the platform documents. 

The results seem to indicate that political parties, once in power, do seek to implement their promises. 

Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government, during its first term between 2015 and 2019, kept 90 percent of its promises.

This information though might not be believed by people because Citizens may have a negativity bias against politicians and if they actually do fulfill their promises.