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Trudeau Government To Reduce Wireless Cost By 25%

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More than ever, Canadians are relying on wireless services for their everyday needs, making access to high quality and affordable wireless services absolutely essential. The Trudeau government is offering Canadian consumers more affordable options by helping to reduce the cost of mid-range wireless services by 25 percent and further increasing competition.

To help Canadians get more affordable telecommunications services, Bell, TELUS and Rogers (across their brands) will be expected to lower their prices. For cellphone plans that offer 2 to 6 GB of data, the three national carriers are expected to lower their prices by 25 percent in the next two years.

The benchmark price, or the price to which the 25 percent reduction will apply, is based on prices advertised on company websites in early 2020 for post-paid, bring your own device (BYOD), unlimited talk and text plans in the 2 to 6 GB range.

If these targets are not met within two years, the Government will take action with other regulatory tools to further increase competition and help reduce prices.

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