3,500 Passengers Stuck On The Grand Princess – Denied Entry Into San Franciso

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More than 3.5 thousand passengers and crew of the Grand Princess cruise ship, which is not allowed to dock in the port of San Francisco since Wednesday, are waiting for the decision of the US authorities regarding their future fate.

US President Donald Trump has said he prefers that passengers stay on board the Grand Princess. At the same time, the President said that he would leave it to others to decide whether the passengers would be able to leave the ship.

“I would prefer them to stay, but I fully understand if they decide to let them go,” Trump told reporters after visiting the centers for disease control and prevention in Atlanta.
US Vice President Mike Pence, who is coordinating efforts to combat the spread of the coronavirus, said it is likely that crew members will remain on the ship under quarantine.
According to Pence, this weekend the cruise ship will be allowed to enter the non-commercial area of the port of San Francisco, where all passengers and crew will be checked for the presence of the coronavirus.

As of March 6, 309 people have been infected in the United States, and 14 have died. The risk of an epidemic is assessed as “low.”

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