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2 Suspects Still At Large In Violent Point Douglas Home Invasion Stabbing

The knife went in so deep his intestines were pouring out his stomach. My sister’s hands were pushing them back into his body. She was brave; she looked the attackers in the face and was not going to let them stop her from saving her brother’s life. Said the mother

On February 18, 2020, at 9:01 a.m., members of the Winnipeg Police Service (WPS) were called to a residence on Angus Street located in the Point Douglas area. They were responding to a 911 call placed by the mother indicating that two males have broken into their home and were armed with a large knife. 

During the incident, a male in his 60’s was stabbed and the suspects stole an undisclosed amount of property before fleeing. The injured male was transported to hospital where he remained in stable condition. The incident appeared to be targeted and members of the Major Crimes Unit are investigating the incident. No arrests have been made at this time. Said Constable Jay Murray, WPS

The family is still in shock by the violent attack that took place within their home. The attackers forced themself into the home by breaking down the door and terrified the family until the police arrived. 

While the mother was on the phone calling 911, the father did what any parent would do to protect his family. He courageously fought off the attackers and almost gave his life in the process.  

The father is lucky to be alive as he sustained a multitude of injuries that left him hospitalized. The attackers broke one of his arms and severely damaged his colon, intestines, and liver from the knife being plunged into his abdomen. After being taken by ambulance, the father immediately underwent surgery and required almost eighty stitches and staples to close up his wounds. A metal pin was also inserted into his arm due to the severity of the break.

In the home at the time of the invasion was also the son who immediately came to the aid of his father. He saw that his father had been stabbed and began to wrestle the knife away from the attackers to prevent them from inflicting further damages.

In the process, he was hit over the head and suffered multiple knife wounds on his arms and legs and major nerve damage to his hand. The son is a promising bodybuilder and is unsure if he will be able to continue doing a sport in enjoys. 

We have been informed that the residents of the Point Douglas area had noticed an uptick in violent crimes leading up to the attack on Angus Street. In many of the instances, they believed Meth had a role to play.

The Winnipeg Crime Map shows a slight decrease in property crime in the Point Douglas area from 2019, but an increase in violent crimes within the same time frame.

We asked the WPS if the community was notified of the attack on  Angus street, and we were provided with the following response by Constable Jay Murray. 

If we feel there is a heightened risk to public safety, we often release incidents via our social media channels and through media. In this case, we believe this incident was targeted and not random. The neighbourhood was not informed of the home invasion.

Previous to this attack, they were allegedly two similar situations where people were physically assaulted by suspects they believed to be on meth. We did not receive specifics nor can we confirm if any of these incidents were ever reported to the WPS.

We are not aware of a recent string of violent crimes in the area”. Said Constable Murray

We also were not provided with the WPS definition or criteria that determine whether an attack is targeted. Does simply pre-selecting a location based on assumed valuables at a location make a home invasion targeted?

The Daily Scrum made several attempts to reach out to Point Douglas City Councillor Vivian Santos but we did not receive a response from her office.

As of today, the Point Douglas attackers have not been apprehended. The WPS is still conducting its investigation and asking for full cooperation from everyone with information about the case.

The father has since been released from the hospital and will start his long road to recovery. Only time will tell the extent of the damage caused to hands from the knive wounds.  The son’s future as a bodybuilder is still undetermined.

As for the women, while their injuries may not be physical in nature.  They will also have a long road to recovery from the mental trauma they experienced. Victim’s services are supposed to assist despite the five-day delay in connecting with the family.  Hopefully, the injured men and the two strong and courageous women who put their family first and refused to be victims of an alarming trend in the Point Douglas area will find some justice.

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