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Looking For 24 People To Be Voluntarily Infected With The Coronavirus

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In the UK, 24 volunteers are being sought who are ready to specifically contract the coronavirus. After infection, they will be given an experimental drug and will be monitored for two weeks. For this, volunteers will receive 3,500 pounds (about $ 4,600), according to the Daily Mail.

Volunteers who decide to get sick with the coronavirus will be infected with one of its two weaker strains — 0C43 and 229E. After that, they will be injected with a drug that was developed by the company Hvivo and left under observation for two weeks. All this time, the volunteers will stay in a special laboratory in London, follow a certain diet, do not engage in physical activity and do not contact anyone. For such an experiment, the pharmaceutical company will pay everyone 3,500 pounds (about $ 4,600).

Currently, 35 coronavirus vaccines are in development. As of March 10, 80,754 people have fallen ill in China since the beginning of the epidemic. 3,136 of them died and 59,897 recovered. Italy came in second place in the world in terms of the number of cases and deaths. More than 9,000 cases of COVID-19 and 463 deaths from IT have been recorded in the country.

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